Programme Resources

Women and Children First develops programme tools and resources which are appropriate for resource poor settings.  We do this in collaboration with a range of partners from grassroots community groups to senior healthcare providers.

Together we identify needs and develop appropriate materials in local languages.  We evaluate each resource to ensure that it is effective, and, where needed, obtain government approval for its use.  We have produced materials for use within both the community and health services.

Good Practice Guide: Community Mobilisation through Women’s Groups to Improve the Health of Mothers and Babies
This Good Practice Guide describes an approach that has the potential to reduce maternal and newborn deaths and successfully address maternal and newborn health problems.  It is based on a project which worked through women’s groups in India and Bangladesh, using a participatory learning and action cycle to mobilise community action to improve the health of mothers and babies. 

Access the Good Practice Guide

Facilitation Manual being used in BangladeshWomen's Group Facilitation Manuals  Women’s group facilitators are provided with a tailored manual to help them take the women’s groups through a participatory learning and action cycle.  An important aspect of this approach is supporting the women to evaluate the work they have done in their groups.  The manuals are tailored for each project's specific context and aims, and are translated into local languages.

Read a snap shot of a Women’s Group Facilitation Manual.

Picture Cards and Flipcharts

These tools use pictures drawn by local artists who depict various local maternal, newborn and child health scenarios.  The women’s group facilitators use these tools to help communities raise awareness of their health issues.  The picture cards and flipcharts are also used to illustrate appropriate healthcare practices, including when to seek professional care to ensure safe delivery and care for the newborn.Picture Cards ebing used in Women's Group, Nepal

Have a look at example picture cards from Bangladesh and India and the Bangladesh flipchart.