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Get Involved

Every two minutes a pregnant woman dies needlessly. Six newborn babies die every minute. Some of these deaths will happen while you read the information on this website.

99% of women who die from pregnancy related causes live in developing countries. Around 98% of these unnecessary maternal and newborn deaths are preventable, mostly through low-cost, low-tech solutions.  Our work addresses this problem directly and saves mothers' and babies' lives.

Every £5 you give can reduce a mother’s chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth by 50%. And her baby has a much better chance of reaching its first birthday.

Please act now to save mothers and their babies.

You can:

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All our fundraisers can get advice on how to set up a great Virgin Money Giving page so your friends and family can support you.

Thank you being part of the solution – thank you for putting women and children first. 

Women and Children First follows the Charity Commission’s recommendations on fundraising and the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice.